Portfolio Update

I have added another website onto my portfolio – a little fun one I made just to entertain myself and a handful of other people.

If you’ve seen Family Guy, you will probably get it. Essentially, it tells you the current weather of the city you’re in, but in the style of Oli Williams and his Blaccu Weather Report. Fun, no? The concept has been done before, but I didn’t realise until halfway through development, and by that time I was far too much into it! I’m hoping to add a few extra features soon, probably some AJAX and Mootools to make it more visually appealing (although I quite like it’s current simplicity), and add the feature to scroll through days to see what the weather will be like tomorrow and so on and so forth. Of course, it’s pretty much a completely pointless website, but, I like it none the less. http://imaginaryroots.co.uk/blaccu Enjoy!

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