IE Italics and Floats: What were you thinking?

I just came across the most ridiculous big ever. I had a page which had a number of similar blocks: each had an image floated left and some text next to it. One of the blocks of text had some italic text in it, specified by an <em> tag. For some reason, the whole block of these was rendered below the floated image, as if that block of test had been given clear: left; or clear: both;. The solution wasn’t easy to find, but was easy to implement:

em{ zoom: 1; overflow: auto; display: inline; }

What really gets me is that somewhere, someone programmed IE to do this. Either they’re part of some humongous joke which the web development community just doesn’t get, or they’re just a bit stupid.

Having said that, it’s obvious that someone is lacking quite a bit of sense when they appoint this man CEO.

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