Blaccu Weather Report Part Deux

I’ve just spent some time re-doing the Blaccu Weather Report. It now uses the Google Weather API (details of which can be found here), which, although is much neater than the Yahoo! one, doesn’t have a defined set of return states, which made generating the Oli phrases a tad more difficult. I’ve gone by the icon it returns, and unfortunately cannot find a directory listing for the icons directory, so will have to hope I’ve got them all! I’ll be keeping an eye out for other icons that I’ve missed, but hopefully there won’t be many. As well as that, it now attempts to guess your location using the NetGeo Database, which is very cool, but could do with turning the result of the queries into a nice XML or JSON format. Apparently there’s a Pear package that does this querying for you (quite why, since it’s just an HTTP GET request and then some minor parsing, I don’t know), which I suppose might be a nice thing to look into if you’re planning on using this for anything more substantial. And now, to plan the Facebook app!

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