Blaccu Weather Report Part Trois

I’ve made the facebook app – you can sign up to it here. It’s pretty basic at the moment, and I need to do a lot of research into how to get the weather to properly update on the profile page, but it works alright for now. The main issue is with automatic updates on the profile page. As far as I can see, there are two main options: 1. Flash – however this requires you to click the ‘click to play’ image before it begins to load 2. Ajax – however I don’t think they let you call an Ajax request when it loads, so it has to be triggered. Hopefully there is a way around it on the Ajax front. If not it’s quite disappointing – I’m sure FB would have their reasons for disallowing this, but it is very disabling for those of us developing apps that really need the info on the profile page to be dynamic. There is much reasearch to be done here, methinks.

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