Historical Interest?

In my random net based trvellings yesterday I came across this site – the UK Delorean Owners Club. Why? Why not?

Anyway, this site tells us that, when importing a Delorean into the UK, HM Customs treat it as an ‘item of historical interest’, and so you pay less tax. How cool is that! Maybe it’s their way of pitying you for buying a crap, but reasonably good looking car. Now if I just had 24000 euros…

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  • Dave says:

    Apparently there’s a guy around here who’s spent about �100k on getting a Delorean imported; �20k on the actual import, and then �80k on getting all the bits to make it look like the car from >Back to the Future.

    I wonder what his wife thinks. Assuming he still has one.

  • Griff says:

    Haha! If I had �100k to spend on a car, I don’t think I would get a Delorean – no matter how cool Back to the Future is.

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