Adrian Belew

…is my latest musical obsession. This man has done everything! I’ve been a huge Krimson fan for a long time, but have never ventured into the Belew stuff until now. I ordered Side Four (his latest live album with the Power Trio – more on them later) and it arrived today (complete with US Customs label signed by Adrian himself – he actually posted it to me! how cool is that?!), and I must say it’s fantastic. When I have some money I need to get some more of his back catalogue.The Power Trio – his live band – are superb. It’s comprised of Adrian, and then Eric and Julie Slick, who are not only brother and sister, but are my age. MY AGE. And they’re amazing. Why am I not this good at my instrument yet? I really need to get on that…

On a similar note, I’ve been coveting the Adrian Belew Signature Parker Fly. I have a pretty wide collection of guitars as it is (I’m a bit of a gear whore), but this guitar just about covers everything. It has normal magnetic pick ups, a sustainer pickup, Piezo pickups in the bridge, 13-Pin MIDI output AND it’s got the Variax technology built in. So you can control all the MIDI synths you want with it, sound like any guitar you want, hold a note for as long as you want, and then sound like a normal guitar again. And, probably, do all of these things simultaneously. HOW AWESOME IS THAT? If only they did a 7 string model, I would be outside washing cars to raise money right now.

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