OS X Mouse Following Issues

I’ve found a problem on my iMac which is a bit odd. OS X doesn’t seem to be able to trace my mouse movements. This manifests itself in a number of issues, some of which are outlines below:

  • The dock doesn’t magnify
  • When a select a menu, and then hover over the options, the options don’t turn blue (i.e. the hover state isn’t activated)
  • Similarly, when I select a menu and then move across to the next menu, the first menu remains open.
  • The x, – and + symbols on the window action buttons (close, minimize, resize) don’t appear on mouse over.

Now, my MacBook Pro has the same version of OS X, both are up to date, and only the iMac has the problem. I suppose it could be a PowerPC issue, since the iMac is a G5 and the MBP is intel, but I can’t find other people complaining of a similar issue. I wonder if it’s some spyware or similar that’s found its way onto my system – there don’t appear to be any suspect process in Activity Monitor though. It’s not the mouse, either, same issue with different mice.

Has anyone else found this problem? Anyone got any solutions?

Solution! I zapped my PRAM, and everything seems to work fine. I wasn’t entirely sure the zapping worked, but it appears to have done. So yay!

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