I just finished watching the TV series of jPod. I absolutely loved the book, and have read it many times over. The TV show, whilst a bit rocky to begin with, turned out to be FANTASTIC. AND THEN THEY CANCELLED IT. The last episode ends SO abruptly, it hurts. I don’t know if all the cliffhangers were supposed to be answered in the next series, or in some unaired episode, we may never know. And this upsets me. Very, very much. Stupid CBC.

The show itself has left me in the middle of a mental turmoil regarding the rest of my life. Although I’ve got a couple of years of uni left (although, technically less than 40 weeks of lectures – scary) I think I need to start thinking about what I want to actually do when I graduate. This way I can focus my application energies on one things rather than on the four different options I have at the moment. Perhaps I shall share these with you in a later post, once I’ve cleared things in my head a touch.
In other news, the third year project is coming along wonderfully. I shall give you an update tomorrow (hopefully…) when I’ve completed a couple of little tasks.

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