2009 in Twitter updates

In a similar vein to my previous post, here’s my 2009 in Twitter updates (although I only joined twitter in February).

  • Wondering what all this is about…
  • Might be slightly addicted to Rocky bars, can only eat them in pairs. Could just be strange OCD.
  • Pleased that Drongo came third in Battle of the Bands. The best is yet to come!
  • Amused that Drongo Sealion Magic were described by one female radio presenter as “more exhilarating than my sex life”
  • Not sure how I’m feeling. Should probably be very upset, but just feel quite numb. The sadness will come
  • I want to write a song called “Soft Porn and Nazi Sharks.” Lord knows what it would sound like…
  • Mom’s having a girl’s night so I’m trapped in the back room. Why can’t they just get drunk and play PlayStation like men do?
  • I’ve decided to move to Australia and take lessons from Paul Wardingham for a bit.
  • I take that back. Any chance we can get Paul Wardingham, Greg Howe and Todd Duane together to teach me?
  • Did you know that activity-dependent presynaptic facilitation was non-Hebbian? Me neither. They should really teach these things at school.
  • The flat fell through at the last moment. Within an hour, however, we had applied for another one. How quickly we move on!
  • I’m now with iPhone, but without motivation. I may have overworked yesterday. Time for Mitchell & Webb, then bed methinks.
  • The Searle-Churchland debate on AI would be really interesting if I didn’t feel the impending essay question doom.
  • Got the mid-revision new gear itch. Last time it was my Engl cab and Maverick 7 string, currently trying to resist a Blackstar HT-5.
  • Might be listening to Uncle Moe’s Space Ranch too much. Dennis Chambers is infiltrating my brain, and he might be pushing out the revision
  • Advanced Topics in Algorithms – who would have thought this module was completely insane?!
  • Sugar sugar sugar sugar sugar sugar sugar sugar. This isn’t helping me learn. Lame.
  • Filled up my last pad with revision, so can’t continue until Tesco opens. That’s part laziness, part procrastination. And I’m loving it.
  • Happy. Life is really good at the moment. Yes. Griff is content.
  • Can’t believe someone stole the aerial off my car. What kind of person does that?!
  • Just launched my first twitter mashup: http://twipestry.imaginaryroots.co.uk – let me know what you think!
  • Full of pasta, so going to sit down with a beer and play Gran Tourismo. This is the life.
  • NORTH SEA JAZZ!! Excited
  • Best bits of NSJ: Jonathan Kreisberg, CTI All-Stars, George Duke, Etienne Mbappe & Lee Ritenour. John Zorn is scary.
  • Really enjoying RoR now I’m over the initial installation issues. Is this better than Cake? Hmmm, maybe.
  • Consulting “Getting Real” by 37signals. This thing is like a bible to me.
  • CORNWALL!!!!
  • Just been writing some “music”. Al is going to hate me.
  • Argh, I suck at guitar. Wish I could un-learn all the bad things about my playing. Need to sit in a room with a metronome for about a month
  • Well proud of my little sis! Soon she’ll be a dirty lazy student.
  • Great band practice, but perhaps too much rice. Should probably be sleepy time now
  • R.I.P Pouches, 2007-2009. Hope you enjoyed your time with us, you will be missed.
  • Job accepted. London, here I come! (In a year or so…)
  • Vegas time!! See you next week
  • Why is installing the MySQL gem on OSX so freakin’ difficult?!
  • RIP Stan Pedley. You’ll be missed, but I’m glad you’re no longer suffering
  • Time to bite the bullet and fill in some tax returns.
  • Moving house this weekend. Let the hunt for boxes commence!
  • Annoyingly, there is only one module this year I don’t want to take. Everything looks so interesting!
  • Moved out, keys surrendered. Bye bye, Area Griffty One. We had fun!
  • Slowly figuring out the Extended Kalman Filter. I’m pretty sure Uncle Moe’s Space Ranch are helping.
  • Had a lecture on teleportation in which I won a chocolate bar. Today is a good day!
  • Introducing the Griffkins Diet: you can eat only pasta, waffles, rice and toast. Preferably all in the same meal.
  • Relearning #Cappuccino for an idea I’ve had. Really love the way it works – refreshingly different and incredibly advanced.
  • Pumped, and a little scared for our poster presentation. Lidar, lidar, lidar, lidar, slam slam slam.
  • Massive snow in the Netherlands means we can’t travel 🙁 No Dutch Christmas for me, it seems!
  • Screenwipe is reminding me how incredibly quickly this year has passed
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