Research Directions

I’ve recently finished the first term of my final year of university, and for probably the first time, I’m actually sad to have completed one of my modules. The module was entitled “Research Directions”, and is (apparently) fairly unique to Warwick University. It’s organised as a series of graduate seminars, meaning the module as a whole covers a wide range of subjects, mainly being taught by guest lecturers who are experts in their particular fields. This meant that we were given decent groundings in areas including Quantum Computing, Bioinformatics and Trading Algorithms. Each member of the group presented a topic taken from the Communications of the ACM, which gave us brief introductions to more topics such as Smoothed Complexity, Probabilistic Databases and Model Checking.

What made this module great? It was relaxed, free-flowing and interesting. What more can you ask for? If only all modules were like this.

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