My 2¢ on the iPad, for what it’s worth

Unsurprisingly, there’s been a lot of talk about the iPad since its announcement yesterday, the majority of which seems to be very negative. I probably won’t buy an iPad (yet…), because I don’t think the iPad is aimed at me. Infact, it’s probably not aimed at the majority of people who have been slamming it. I do, however, know the perfect customer for it: my mum.

My mum has a Windows-based netbook, which she keeps in the lounge so she can check her emails, eBay, Facebook (or whatever social network she’s keeping tabs on me with this week) and no doubt some other sites she frequents. She loves pictures, she takes crap loads, and shows them to everyone. She also reads A LOT; she’ll get through a few books a week.

Now, although she’s computer literate, she doesn’t want to be worrying about it too much. Infact, not long ago I spent a day removing a virus from her netbook. She’s also not getting any younger, and although the netbook is good for portability, the screen size and resolution isn’t the best for her eyes. It’s these sort of headaches she doesn’t want from a computer. She doesn’t want to be thinking or worrying about using it, she just wants to use it. Enter the iPad – right? She’s the perfect person for the it.

As far as I can see, the iPad is the computer for people who don’t want to worry about computing (at least, not all the time). The market exists, I’m just not in it.

Update: My mum rang me last night to tell me how tempted she was by the iPad, without me even mentioning it to her. Admittedly she decided it’s too expensive at the moment to replace her netbook (which she’s only had less than a year anyway), but when the time comes she will most likely be getting one.

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