On Brevity

Lots happened in my blogging hiatus, and I intend to talk more thoroughly on those topics in the near future, but I thought I’d give you a quick bullet-pointed list of things that I’ve done and am interested in at the moment. Enjoy!

  • I graduated with a 1st class Honours in Computer Science from Warwick.
  • I learnt Objective-C and Cocoa to make my first desktop app, DoodleDesk.
  • I’ve re-written the Mondrian generator in using JavaScript and the Raphael library as a result of my growing dislike of all things Flash.
  • I’ve been working on Fretless quite a lot. It’s a big project that’s taking a while to come together, but it is, slowly…
  • As of September I will be an employee of thrudigital – exciting!
  • I’ve been recording guitar parts for the debut release from my band, Drongo Sealion Magic.
  • I’ve been playing a lot of Gran Tourismo 5 Prologue, and have been holding my breath far too long for the release of GT5…
  • I’ve designed and launched a website for my brother’s company, Energy Regeneration.
  • I’m following with interest the recent developments in the P vs. NP problem.
  • I’ve held off on getting an iPad so far… Will be getting an iPhone 4 soon though.
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