Words are funny, right?

Today I’ve hacked together and launched my own Twitter-bot, @chinesetwispers. The basic premise is that it finds tweets with certain words in them, replaces those words for other words which either sound like the word or are generally hilarious replacements, and then retweets it at the original author. I’m looking forward to seeing what it comes out with – hopefully no-one will get too offended!

As well as that, I’ve done some work on Twipestry, so it’s now a load more stable and produces more relevant results. As well as that it now uses the search API, meaning instead of just searching for users you can also do keyword-based searches as well. Lovely, no?

So that’s what I’ve been up to today. Other than that, I’ve been doing some work on DoodleDesk, trying to get it ready for release sometime soon, and also been working on Fretless on and off. Hopefully I’ll find a weekend or two in the near future to get both of these ready for a proper release. We’ll see…

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