Introducing Setlist

Note: Setlist has been taken down for a while.

Today I’m launching a new web application called Setlist. Setlist is a designed to help bands organise the pool of songs they play into setlists, and then use those setlists to promote themselves. Professional cover bands, for example, can add all of their songs to their profile, and then create example setlists. These can be set to either public or private, so the band could publish their example setlists for potential clients to see the kind of music they play.

It was built out of a desire to better organise the songs my own band are playing. We often found that we would forget one or two songs at a practice, or when constructing a setlist. The ability to collaborate on our song pool and setlists, especially given we are geographically separated, will be a big help.

Interested? Try it out for free at http://setlistapp.com – I’d love to hear any feedback you have

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