DoodleDesk 1.1 Released

Version 1.1 of DoodleDesk is now available on the Mac App Store. This update fixes numerous minor bugs from the first release, including:

  • Issues with edit menu items
  • Copy issues on the save dialog
  • Hiding of the “Show desktop” hover
  • Restricting the open file dialog to only DoodleDesk files
  • Issues with the eraser path changing once drawn
  • Issues with save prompt when creating new documents
  • Issues with creating new files when the current file has been edited
DoodleDesk, the Whiteboard for your Desktop, is the perfect application for people who diagram, design, ideate or doodle. It has been endorsed by most of my family, and was given special mention in my primary school’s weekly newsletter. Have you doodled on your desktop yet?
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  • bradley says:

    Man – awesome app/idea! only gripe is i would love the option to have it NOT show in Alfred and/or the Dock – perhaps just a menubar icon?!

    Again – great app just an idea 🙂

  • Pejoka says:

    So… this program is very intriguing, but there is no mention in any of the blurbs about DoodleDesk as to how one is actually supposed to write anything. I mean, mechanically, how do you draw? Mouse? surely not… it would look horrible. Finger on a trackpad? Really? Seems kind of limited in terms of space. Ok, how about a stylus on a trackpad? If so, then you really ought to say “Needs a stylus, and a trackpad!”. Or, “dragging your finger around on a trackpad works great!” Or, “you need a touch screen accessory, for 500 pounds.” Anyway, until there is some description of how to get nice looking whiteboard writing (like you have in the screenshots), I’m skeptical, and am not going to buy it. (But I am intrigued.)

  • Griff says:

    Hi! The app does work best with a graphics tablet, but the results can be equally good with a mouse. I admit that it’s quite difficult with a trackpad (at least when you have it set to click rather than touch as I do) to get really good looking results, but it should be possible to get quick sketches or ideas down using it.

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