Riding 315 miles for CALM

In 2012, my brother John sadly took his own life. In 2013, to mark the year anniversary, I rode from Cornwall, one of his favourite places, to Walsall over two days, raising money for The Campaign Against Living Miserably, who aim to raise awareness of male suicide and support those in need. To mark the occasion in 2014, I decided to do the same route but in a single ride, again raising money for CALM.


I always worry about the bike on trains – perhaps more so than on an airplane. The bike racks in the First Great Western trains seem quite bike-unfriendly. They’re mainly a channel for the front wheel, coupled with a slot for the tyre and a piece of material to hold it in. The guide, though, pinched the spokes on my front wheel, which made me a little nervous.

I’d booked a table at a nice pub just outside Truro, and managed to sit on their terrace overlooking the valley which was nice and relaxing ahead of the ride. Unfortunately, cycling shoes on their polished wooden floor had me on my arse more than once – fortunately no damage done to either myself or the floor.

I’d planned to split the ride into three legs, each around 100 miles. Each leg would end somewhere I knew I could have a rest and get some food – the first at a 24 hour Tesco and the second at a friend’s house. It would also help me mentally chunk the ride – three 100 mile rides seems oddly easier than one 300 mile ride.

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