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DoodleDeskToday we’re launching our first product into Beta – DoodleDesk, the whiteboard for your desktop. It’s a small application I’ve been working on for a short while. Basically, it replaces your desktop background with a whiteboard, so you can draw your ideas down and have them in the background while you work. We think it’s pretty cool, we hope you do too!

If you’re interested in being a beta-tester, email us at


On Apple, Adobe and Flash

I’ve been interested today to try and catch up on the whole Apple / Adobe debate regarding Flash, specifically Steve Jobs’ open letter and the WSJ interview with Shantanu Narayen. Let me first get my opinions out the way: people who know me will know that I’m an Apple geek, but I’m also a Web Developer with lots of experience using Adobe products, Flash in particular. For a long while, I really disliked developing in Flash, until I discovered the MC Tween library (now Tweener), which finally let me develop in Flash the way I wanted to. But until this week, when Flash Player 10.1 Gala came out, my experience with Flash in-browser was, as it is for many Mac users (and still is for some), frustrating at best.

With the capabilities of fantastic JavaScript libraries such as Raphael, jQuery, MooTools and the like, not to mention the superb frameworks like Cappuccino, and the enhancements that are being realised through HTML5 and CSS3, I can’t help but think that Flash has had its time. I can’t help but think that for the majority of applications, Flash isn’t really an option anymore. Once there’s (hopefully) a widespread, standard adoption of the HTML5 and CSS3 specifications, it should be significantly easier to develop websites with the same aesthetic flair as Flash sites in these languages – let alone a lot more accessible.

I, personally, don’t miss Flash when I’m using my iPhone. If/when I get an iPad, I can’t imagine I’ll miss it all that much on there either.

Maybe it’s time for Flash to step down. What I would absolutely love to see is an application that has the same power as the Flash IDE with regards to creating animations, adding functionality etc, but that outputs in standards compliant HTML/CSS with a JavaScript library. Adobe are probably a bit too stubborn to admit defeat and produce this product, but something like this could be really awesome.

Jobs vs Narayen

Back to the debate. Is it just me, or are there some mixed messages going on here? Jobs talks a lot about Flash being a closed system, and that Apple are supporting the open community by placing the emphasis on HTML5 and H.264. Narayen then counters that by saying that the iPhone is a closed system, and that they are supporting an open system by creating authoring tools with single-click deployment to a wide number of platforms.

They’re all good points, and all correct. Although the specification for Flash is open (apparently, I didn’t actually know that it was until I heard it from Narayen today), it is still controlled mainly by Adobe since they have the monopoly on the actual Flash player. Jobs 1 – Narayen 0. The iPhone is very similar, in that the code and frameworks are available for everyone to use, but the actual platform is controlled by a single entity. Jobs 1 – Narayen 1. Apple are indeed supporting the open community, I think HTML5 and H.264 are definitely the right way forward, particularly on mobile devices like the iPhone. Jobs 2 – Narayen 1. Adobe are indeed working to create authoring tools with single-click deployment to the web on a large number of devices. Jobs 2 – Narayen 2.

Looks like a tie, right?

Thing is, I can’t help but think that Adobe are fighting a pretty pointless fight with their “single-click cross platform deployment” – what’s wrong with HTML? As far as I’m aware, every mobile device with any market share supports HTML, along with every computer connected to the internet. That seems pretty cross platform to me.

I’m completely with Jobs on this one. Yes, I am an Apple geek, and people will say “well, of course you’re going to side with Apple”, but I really think Adobe are barking up the wrong tree here. Flash is all but dead, Adobe should move on.


On Portability and Web Development

A friend linked me to this article this morning, and I think it’s worth a read. I’ve never given Google’s App Engine much of a look, largely because I’ve never gotten around the idea of compiled code running web apps (for some reason interpreted languages just feel right, but then that’s what I’m used to, and this is a post for another day anyway…). But there is something very interesting in that article, and that’s the portability of App Engine applications that would be obtained by having a number of cloud providers running AppScale.

In my time as a web developer I’ve done more than my fair share of server migrations, and each one has been horrible. It’s never an easy task, always fraught with issues, and almost always results in some amount of downtime (partly due to DNS switchover, but often a result of improper config on the new server as well).

Those sites were largely PHP, and only a handful were running Cake (which does make some things easier, but introduces other headaches as well). I’ve yet to do a server migration using Rails, but I can imagine it is a bit easier thanks to gems, capistrano and the like. But I’m sure the multitude of server configurations required – Apache, MySQL, email servers etc – mean that it’s never as easy as it possibly could be.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could abstract all of this? Wouldn’t it be great if I could open an account on a cloud provider, put its details in Capistrano (or whatever), click go and have my app running there instantly. I’m sure there are ways and providers that will do that for you. I’ve not looked incredibly deeply, but Engine Yard might do this, and it doesn’t look particularly cheap (not compared to, say a SliceHost VPS or the MediaTemple GS, both of which I run). It’d be awesome if there were the free quotas that App Engine offers, so that people could get into deploying real web apps without the hassle of manually configuring cheap servers or the cost of affording the top range hosts. Does anyone know of anything that does this?


My 2¢ on the iPad, for what it’s worth

Unsurprisingly, there’s been a lot of talk about the iPad since its announcement yesterday, the majority of which seems to be very negative. I probably won’t buy an iPad (yet…), because I don’t think the iPad is aimed at me. Infact, it’s probably not aimed at the majority of people who have been slamming it. I do, however, know the perfect customer for it: my mum.

My mum has a Windows-based netbook, which she keeps in the lounge so she can check her emails, eBay, Facebook (or whatever social network she’s keeping tabs on me with this week) and no doubt some other sites she frequents. She loves pictures, she takes crap loads, and shows them to everyone. She also reads A LOT; she’ll get through a few books a week.

Now, although she’s computer literate, she doesn’t want to be worrying about it too much. Infact, not long ago I spent a day removing a virus from her netbook. She’s also not getting any younger, and although the netbook is good for portability, the screen size and resolution isn’t the best for her eyes. It’s these sort of headaches she doesn’t want from a computer. She doesn’t want to be thinking or worrying about using it, she just wants to use it. Enter the iPad – right? She’s the perfect person for the it.

As far as I can see, the iPad is the computer for people who don’t want to worry about computing (at least, not all the time). The market exists, I’m just not in it.

Update: My mum rang me last night to tell me how tempted she was by the iPad, without me even mentioning it to her. Admittedly she decided it’s too expensive at the moment to replace her netbook (which she’s only had less than a year anyway), but when the time comes she will most likely be getting one.



Just a quick link to a project of mine I’m currently working on. Watch this space.


Advertising, the Future of Gaming and Pro Evo

Before I start, I want to make clear that my knowledge of the gaming industry is pretty poor, but I think the assumptions I’ve used in this post are fairly sensible. If not, please let me know!

I want to talk very briefly about Pro Evolution Soccer, a game which I and many others have bought and enjoy playing. I’m sure this game cost a lot of money to develop – most games do. Traditionally, of course, this cost has been recouped by selling high volumes of games at a price which is around the standard for that console. So, for example, I generally expect to pay between £35-40 for a game for the PlayStation 3. This model has been around for a long time, and I’m assuming it works, since the game industry has managed to continue to thrive.

Pro Evolution Soccer appears to be bucking this trend. I don’t know whether or not it is the first, but the game has a hell of a lot of advertising in it. The boards on the side of the pitch change with adverts (for example, we have seen ones relating to upcoming games which are to be shown on ESPN), and on the pause menu there is often a small advert in the top right of the screen (I can understand advertising on the boards, but on the menu?). I can’t be sure, but I think the sponsors on the team shirts change as well (this is an assumption based on seeing a foreign team with a British non-multinational logo on their strip). There may well be other, more subtle advertising that I’m missing.

Don’t get me wrong, this is fine. We’ve learnt to ignore advertising online, we can learn to ignore it on the PlayStation as well. What does annoy me, however, is that this is obviously a second revenue stream for the developers/production house. I’ve already paid £40 for the privilege of playing the game, and as I have said, traditionally this should be enough to keep the game going through to the next version. Had the game been set at a much lower price point, and it was obvious that the advertising was there to ensure the survival of the company, then I wouldn’t mind so much, but since it was priced at the regular level, it seems that the advertising revenue is just a nice added bonus. To me, it seems a bit odd to charge full price for a product, and then make more money by selling advertising space in that product – though it could obviously be a very lucrative model.

Is this the future of gaming? Will we see more and more advertising within games? If we do, are the prices of games going to come down to reflect the reduced need for income from direct sales? Only time will tell.


Return to Forever

My housemate and I have just watched Return to Forever: Returns, which he bought me for Christmas. We got into RTF late last year after I discovered Romantic Warrior in my music collection. I thought I’d take a moment to express how incredibly amazing these guys are. The music ranges from the sublime to the mental, and all the while it’s so incredibly complicated and well executed that us mere mortals have no chance. It’s things like this that make me wish I’d spent longer learning guitar properly (why oh why did I choose Computer Science?!).

Off the back of this I’ve ordered Al Di Meola – A Guide to Chords, Scales and Arpeggios, which, I’m hoping, is likely to become my musical bible.

Here’s a clip from the DVD of them performing The Dual of the Jester and the Tyrant. Enjoy!


Business Cards

A friend pointed me to this page today, which has some really awesome business card designs on it. I thought I’d choose a few of my favourites to post here.


2009 in Twitter updates

In a similar vein to my previous post, here’s my 2009 in Twitter updates (although I only joined twitter in February).

  • Wondering what all this is about…
  • Might be slightly addicted to Rocky bars, can only eat them in pairs. Could just be strange OCD.
  • Pleased that Drongo came third in Battle of the Bands. The best is yet to come!
  • Amused that Drongo Sealion Magic were described by one female radio presenter as “more exhilarating than my sex life”
  • Not sure how I’m feeling. Should probably be very upset, but just feel quite numb. The sadness will come
  • I want to write a song called “Soft Porn and Nazi Sharks.” Lord knows what it would sound like…
  • Mom’s having a girl’s night so I’m trapped in the back room. Why can’t they just get drunk and play PlayStation like men do?
  • I’ve decided to move to Australia and take lessons from Paul Wardingham for a bit.
  • I take that back. Any chance we can get Paul Wardingham, Greg Howe and Todd Duane together to teach me?
  • Did you know that activity-dependent presynaptic facilitation was non-Hebbian? Me neither. They should really teach these things at school.
  • The flat fell through at the last moment. Within an hour, however, we had applied for another one. How quickly we move on!
  • I’m now with iPhone, but without motivation. I may have overworked yesterday. Time for Mitchell & Webb, then bed methinks.
  • The Searle-Churchland debate on AI would be really interesting if I didn’t feel the impending essay question doom.
  • Got the mid-revision new gear itch. Last time it was my Engl cab and Maverick 7 string, currently trying to resist a Blackstar HT-5.
  • Might be listening to Uncle Moe’s Space Ranch too much. Dennis Chambers is infiltrating my brain, and he might be pushing out the revision
  • Advanced Topics in Algorithms – who would have thought this module was completely insane?!
  • Sugar sugar sugar sugar sugar sugar sugar sugar. This isn’t helping me learn. Lame.
  • Filled up my last pad with revision, so can’t continue until Tesco opens. That’s part laziness, part procrastination. And I’m loving it.
  • Happy. Life is really good at the moment. Yes. Griff is content.
  • Can’t believe someone stole the aerial off my car. What kind of person does that?!
  • Just launched my first twitter mashup: – let me know what you think!
  • Full of pasta, so going to sit down with a beer and play Gran Tourismo. This is the life.
  • NORTH SEA JAZZ!! Excited
  • Best bits of NSJ: Jonathan Kreisberg, CTI All-Stars, George Duke, Etienne Mbappe & Lee Ritenour. John Zorn is scary.
  • Really enjoying RoR now I’m over the initial installation issues. Is this better than Cake? Hmmm, maybe.
  • Consulting “Getting Real” by 37signals. This thing is like a bible to me.
  • CORNWALL!!!!
  • Just been writing some “music”. Al is going to hate me.
  • Argh, I suck at guitar. Wish I could un-learn all the bad things about my playing. Need to sit in a room with a metronome for about a month
  • Well proud of my little sis! Soon she’ll be a dirty lazy student.
  • Great band practice, but perhaps too much rice. Should probably be sleepy time now
  • R.I.P Pouches, 2007-2009. Hope you enjoyed your time with us, you will be missed.
  • Job accepted. London, here I come! (In a year or so…)
  • Vegas time!! See you next week
  • Why is installing the MySQL gem on OSX so freakin’ difficult?!
  • RIP Stan Pedley. You’ll be missed, but I’m glad you’re no longer suffering
  • Time to bite the bullet and fill in some tax returns.
  • Moving house this weekend. Let the hunt for boxes commence!
  • Annoyingly, there is only one module this year I don’t want to take. Everything looks so interesting!
  • Moved out, keys surrendered. Bye bye, Area Griffty One. We had fun!
  • Slowly figuring out the Extended Kalman Filter. I’m pretty sure Uncle Moe’s Space Ranch are helping.
  • Had a lecture on teleportation in which I won a chocolate bar. Today is a good day!
  • Introducing the Griffkins Diet: you can eat only pasta, waffles, rice and toast. Preferably all in the same meal.
  • Relearning #Cappuccino for an idea I’ve had. Really love the way it works – refreshingly different and incredibly advanced.
  • Pumped, and a little scared for our poster presentation. Lidar, lidar, lidar, lidar, slam slam slam.
  • Massive snow in the Netherlands means we can’t travel 🙁 No Dutch Christmas for me, it seems!
  • Screenwipe is reminding me how incredibly quickly this year has passed

2009 in Facebook statuses

I thought about using the application, but it’s a bit lame, so I thought I’d do my own (this is obviously a subset of my statuses…). Enjoy!

James ‘Griff’ Griffin…

  • is enjoying Shawn White’s Snowboarding and Tomb Raider. Business essay? What Business essay?
  • is bored of looking at seg faults
  • is possibly a little obsessed with Greg Howe at the moment
  • has much shorter hair now
  • has just launched
  • came third, and is pretty pleased with that 🙂 DRONGO!
  • will be a resident of Leamington Spa on the 2nd April
  • has settled upon “Area Griffty One” as the name of his new pad. Thanks be to Paul
  • realizes, after a night out, how little women appreciate men who can correctly identify the beat
  • submitted. It’s over!!! Now for the rest of the work…
  • got hit on by an old woman, had a conversation with Scott Dacko about guitar, and had his boob signed. Good evening!
  • has survived his first visit to the gym. Now to counteract that with a chip buttie
  • starts exams tomorrow. ARGH.
  • has finished!! And, unfortunately, is massively allergic to mom’s new kitten 🙁
  • is in love with his Blackstar HT-5
  • is soupy, so he is.
  • is not in Holland (yet…), and really enjoyed Miracle on 34th Street.
is enjoying Shawn White’s Snowboarding and Tomb Raider. Business essay? What Business essay?