Available on the Mac App Store

What is DoodleDesk?

Whiteboards are awesome. They're great for planning, visualising and plain-old doodling. DoodleDesk gives you a whiteboard on your Mac by replacing your desktop with a surface you can draw on. No need to carry around that giant whiteboard anymore. Nice.


  • Your blank canvas

Where can I get it?

DoodleDesk is available to buy on the Mac App Store. Click here to go to the App Store.


If you're having issues with DoodleDesk, don't hesitate to email us using doodledesk@imaginaryroots.co.uk. Don't forget to also checkout the DoodleDesk blog.

Drawing with DoodleDesk Draw freely using three pens (plus an eraser), allowing you to easily and quickly map out your ideas.
Notes on DoodleDesk Add text to your whiteboard using notes, which can be added, moved, edited and removed at will.
Launching DoodleDesk DoodleDesk remembers what you were working on and opens it the next time you launch.
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