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Thanks to AppleScript, an office with multiple Mac users can be a prankster’s dream. We recently infuriated a co-worker for the best part of a week, using only 3 lines of code, which I’m about to share with you. First, some ground work:

  • You’ll need the user’s computer password (if they lock their Mac). Wait until they’re off sick or out of the office, and call them to say you need something off their computer. Or, if someone has knowledge of your co-worker’s password, sweet-talk them into giving it to you.
  • Whilst you’ve got access to their computer, go to System Preferences -> Sharing, and make sure “Remote Apple Events” are turned on. Make a note of their computer’s address at the top, as in the screengrab below.

System PreferencesNow you’ve laid the groundwork, it’s time to have fun. Open up the “AppleScript Editor” on your computer, and paste in the code below.

tell application "Chrome" of machine "eppc://user@computer-name.local"
	open location "http://emuspin.com"
end tell

(Here’s a direct link to the file)

Obviously, replace “user” with the username of your co-worker, and “computer-name” with their computer’s address. You can also change the URL to whatever you like, and if they don’t have Chrome installed be sure to swap that value for Safari. Hitting “Run” in the AppleScript Editor should prompt you for their password, and then open that page in a new tab of their browser. Repeat as much as is deemed necessary. We found it particularly funny convincing our co-worker that it was voice activated – every time they said “Emuspin” we would open http://emuspin.com on their computer. The possibilities are endless!