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Guitar Pro

I’ve been using Guitar Pro for quite a while now, a good couple of years, and have had very few issues with it. That is, before last night. I tabbed out a section I’d written for Drongo, and all was good. Because of compatibility/different software issues, when I send things round to the band, I send them in a MIDI file and a Guitar Pro 4 file. Normally this is all well and good, but last night I think it was trying to tell me something about the music I’d written. Firstly, the MIDI only exported the first 35 seconds, up to the heavier section. Secondly, when I exported the GP4, it swung the whole piece! Why the hell did it do that?! Somewhere, in some of the code, there is something which decided what I actually wanted to do was swing the piece of music. I’d love to know how this happened.