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iPod Touch First Impressions

Yesterday I received my 8GB iPod Touch – which I was very excited about! I wanted an iPhone (obviously…) but O2 wouldn’t let me upgrade. Since we’re thinking of going into the iPhone App business, I thought I’d get a Touch to tide me over until my contract runs out next year.

So what do I think of it? I find the keyboard difficult to use, but hopefully that will improve as I get more used to the device. Other than that, I love it! Everything works really well, and it’s so damn pretty. So very, very pretty. I’d love to know how the current location functionality works on it (I’m sure it’s out there, I just need to do some research…) but it works very well, getting my location pretty damn accurately, and also quite quickly. My only disappointment is that the Facebook iPhone app seems to be quite limited, but I’m sure that’s something the guys at Facebook will be working on over the next while. Browsing and working in Safari on it is really easy, and pretty quick (though that may just be the network here). Also, multitouch RULES.

So now I’m waiting for my iPhone Developer status to be approved and I can start putting some little apps of my own on there. Exciting times for Griffs!