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Bug bug buggy

Those of you that know me will know I very rarely play games. I bought a PS2 last year and hardly used it. I do, however, have a strange obsession with the Tony Hawks series. I was massively obsessed with the original when it first came out, but never got any of the others until I got the PS2 last year.

The other day I bought Tony Hawks Proving Ground. As with the others, it’s much like all the previous games with different skaters, moves and a few extra features. And, of course, a different story line. I must say the game itself seems great. The gameplay is very different, but once you’re used to it it’s really quite nice. I do, however, object to the fact that nothing seems to work. If you’re doing a challenge where you have to complete a certain set of goals, the system will sometimes go haywire, and believe you’ve completed ones you haven’t, and won’t believe you’ve completed ones you have done. That’s an annoying bug, since it can hinder your progress, or allow you to progress when you’re not actually good enough.

As well as this, the menus are really juttery and often don’t respond to touch and cut scenes can skip by randomly. There are a few design issues too, such as in the list of locations, ones you haven’t yet unlocked are the same colour as the one you’re currently in, which is obviously misleading.

These things mean I get frustrated with the game much too easily. My love for the series means I keep going back to it, but I often end up turning off the PlayStation in a fit of anger and sulking on the sofa. Disappointing, Page 44 Studios, disappointing.