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Africa Laughing?

Has anyone else noticed the laughing over the drum intro to Africa by Toto? I heard it on my way home today, I had headphones in and the surroundings were very quiet, which helped pick out the rather quiet second or two of laughter during the first few bars. A quick Google search revealed no-one else talking about this – surely it can’t have gone unnoticed in such a famous song?!
In other news, I’m working rather hard at my Third Year Project. My presentation is Friday 13th, and there are quite a few little things to sort out by then. It’s going to be a tough couple of weeks! Similarly, Drongo Sealion Magic are through to the final of Battle of the Bands, which is on Tuesday. How we got through is a mystery, we played terribly with a huge number of technical issues, but apparently we coped with them all very well, which is cool. I’m really excited about playing in the final, it would be nice to win it since this might be my last year of doing it, but we’ll see. Fingers crossed!